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Grants Pass Courier endorses Oregon Caves expansion

In a June 25th editorial, the Grants Pass Courier endorsed the Oregon Caves expansion. Calling the National Monument the “crown jewel of Josephine County,” the  Courier editorial says it’s time to act on legislation that’s been floating around Congress for six years.

Craggy Mt. as seen from Mt. Elijah (Oregon Caves Revitalization Act) (Barbara Ullian photo).
Sunrise from Mt. Elijah in the Oregon Caves expansion area (Oregon Caves Revitalization Act)

Cave Junction businessman, Greg Walter, said this morning that the list of business supporters endorsing the Oregon Caves Revitalization Act (S. 354 and H.R. 2489) has grown from 40 to 50. Please write to the Josephine County Commissioners and ask that they endorse the Oregon Cave National Monument expansion. Contact information is on the Josephine County Board of Commissioners website.

The Courier also notes that earlier concerns had been addressed in the current legislation and that the expansion will provide greater opportunities for Monument visitors while protecting the Bigelow Lake Botanical Area, another natural treasure:

The latest expansion proposal would add about 4,000 acres to the monument, making it more attractive to hikers and other tourists. It would also bring Bigelow Lakes into the monument, offering protection for yet another natural wonder in our region.

The paper concludes:

The expansion will safeguard the national monument, which is both an important part of our heritage as well as a tourist attraction. It’s time for our congressional delegation to move this proposal to the front burner.

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