Kalmiopsis Country
It’s ancient river rich, biologically diverse, botanically unique and geologically complex terrain that boggles the mind—if you take the time to “try” to understand it. And it’s the largest wild watershed along the Pacific Coast—from the Olympics to Baja—with free flowing rivers and wild salmon and steelhead populations.
We're all about the land and building a homegrown movement to protect it.

The goal: To organically grow a committed network of people and organizations who speak and act for the permanent protection of the lands and rivers of the Kalmiopsis Wildlands. We’re also about keeping the narrative of place and activism alive. As organizations move on and the institutional memory of land managing agencies is lost, preserving the documents, telling the stories of place and past and honoring the work of those on who’s shoulder we stand becomes increasingly important.

A bit of history: In the 1990s, a lose-knit effective group of local activists—centered around the charismatic Lou Gold—came together in defense of the North and South Kalmiopsis Roadless Areas. As the decade advanced the local tribe evolved into a structured, equally effective organization. Eighteen proposed roadless area timber sales—save one—and a proposed wilderness gold mine and nickel strip mine all came to naught. Leadership and goals evolved, moving beyond the earlier focus on the unprotected wildlands surrounding the Kalmiopsis Wilderness.

Change and the growing threats: In 2002, the Biscuit Fire burned across extensive areas of the Kalmiopsis Wildlands. It altered the landscape and the passage of time the activism. A decade later, there’s a new nickel mine and smelter proposed at Rough and Ready Creek. The hard-won Forest Service recommendations for Wild and Scenic River and Wilderness designations for the area are fading in the minds of politicians and citizens, while opponents of conservation grow strong.

The challenge:  In this new age of the internet, global influences, political polarization and economic challenges, finding new ways to build an authentic place-based movement that leads to the permanent protection of the Kalmiopsis Wildlands and new ways to say yes to preserving this ancient wild place and its beautiful wild rivers.

Be a voice for the Kalmiopsis Wildlands and a friend of the Kalmiopsis.